Practising Vajrasattva: Purification & the Four Powers Class 6

Practising Vajrasattva: Purification & the Four Powers Class 6

In this series Khen Rinpoche Geshe Tashi Tsering, abbot of Sera Mey monastery guides us through the Vajrasattva practice text, including the Vajrasattva visualisation and One Hundred Syllable Mantra. 

He places a particular emphasis on the Four Powers, a powerful psychological approach central to any purification practice, and leads us through the single deity practice, which doesn’t require an initiation.  Once learned, this can become a quick, easy and indeed indispensable daily practice.  

As usual, Geshe la gives an in depth commentary based on a variety of sources, all in his trademark down to earth style.


 As a recap of the Power of Remedial Action, Geshe Tashi quotes Maitreya’s Prayer to remind us how the cultivation of loving kindness burns up anger and hatred, clearing away these imprints or propensities. 

Geshe  la gave a detailed commentary on Maitreya’s Prayer, and you can find the first episode from the 2nd June 2020 here:


Moving now to the Power of Determination, Geshe la refers us to the monastic Confession of Downfalls ceremony and the two questions asked of monks and nuns that are key to our purification practice too:


1.     Do you see these faults as faults?

2.     Will you completely refrain from these in future?


Providing we care for ourselves, and providing we really see these faults as harmful, then we will be able to convince ourselves to refrain, so this is the work we must do. 

Without refraining from our negative actions, we won’t succeed in purifying, but can we genuinely make a commitment to completely refrain from these actions going forward?  Geshe la explains how, by being skilful here, we can make a commitment that is both realistic and effective.

When it comes to negative habits and patterns of behaviour, Geshe la advises us that if we take care of the smaller things, the bigger things won’t become a problem – our behaviours won’t escalate.

With the dissolution of Vajrasattva and the merging of the deity, we have an opportunity to practice a key part of the Highest Yoga Tantra’s generation stage.

Geshe la very kindly leaves us with an oral transmission of the 35 Buddhas and the 8 Medicine Buddhas, taken from the Three Heaps Sutra, along with an explanation of each of these heaps are.


We have now reached the end of the practice, but not yet the end of this amazing series.  In our final two classes, on March 20th and March 27th, Geshe la has generously offered to lead us all through the entire practice together, and then take Q&A’s.


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You can find details of upcoming classes as well as the text available for download here.


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