Practising Vajrasattva: Purification & the Four Powers Class 5

Practising Vajrasattva: Purification & the Four Powers Class 5

In this series Khen Rinpoche Geshe Tashi Tsering, abbot of Sera Mey monastery guides us through the Vajrasattva practice text, including the Vajrasattva visualisation and One Hundred Syllable Mantra. 

He places a particular emphasis on the Four Powers, a powerful psychological approach central to any purification practice, and leads us through the single deity practice, which doesn’t require an initiation.  Once learned, this can become a quick, easy and indeed indispensable daily practice.  

As usual, Geshe la gives an in depth commentary based on a variety of sources, all in his trademark down to earth style.


Geshe Tashi once again tells us that we need to make all Four Powers as rich and as profound as possible so we can carry them within us.  Then they will be there each time we do a meditation practice.  This really encapsulates Geshe la’s whole approach to the Dharma.  Whatever we do, we need to make our practices and prayers meaningful so they will effective and work for us, instead of just mouthing words.


Continuing with the Power of Remedial Action, Geshe la warns us the words of the sadhana can be misleading. We are not having our negativities purified by some external source.  He quotes the Dhammapada, saying Buddhas cannot wash away our sins with water, they cannot transfer their realisations, what they do for us is teach the truth.

In that theme, the deity above or in front of our heads, Geshe la says, can be or is our result refuge.  We are pleading to our own resultant state.  It is clear, then, who has to do all the work!


Geshe la advises us on what to do as we recite the mantra and visualise the flow of light and nectar running through us.  He suggests we explore the meaning of the mantra, written here at the end of the sadhana.  He gives very practical advice on how to choose a negative emotion or state of mind to focus on for optimum effect.


Once again, another wonderful class! 


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