We will be managing Geshe Tashi’s site for him and our contact details are below.

We suggest the best way to keep in touch with Geshe-la will be though signing up to his mailing list, and then through following his blog posts.  If you sign up to his mailing list, we can let you know every time we publish a podcast or post in Geshe Tashi’s Column.  When he starts to give classes and courses on-line, we can notify you of this too.

Leaving comments on Geshe-la’s blogs is also a great way to keep in touch as he will be able to read these whenever he logs on.  Each post has a comments section.  If you subscribe to his blog, you will be able to leave comments, and can start discussions with fellow subscribers.  Geshe-la has said that if enough people show an interest, he will develop on-line classes and courses to be posted here too.

By signing up to his mailing list and also by subscribing to this blog, you will become an active and very welcome  part of Geshe-la’s expanding on-line community.  Please join us!

For general website enquiries, to arrange interviews with your organisation, or to submit guest blog posts, please contact: admin@geshetashi.org

We look forward to being in touch!

With best wishes,

Peter & Tri (The Admin Team)