Sera Mey debates “Rik Chung” ceremony with commentary by Geshe Tashi Tsering

Geshe La has commented on another video for us.  This is a wonderful chance to see some of the ceremonies and events around the geshe’s debates at Sera Mey and Sera Jey.

You can also find this at Geshe la’s YouTube site under “Geshe Tashi”.

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  1. Samantha

    So much to learn and to wonder at here, I have watched it many times and each time have felt there is more to gain from Geshe Tashi’s commentary. You bring the ceremony the light it deserves and I agree with Thomas, Sera Mey is a beautiful place filled with such ceremony.

    It is a world away from Jamyang yet your spirit is the connection and thus they both feel the same.

    From your jamyang friend,
    Samantha and my son Cooper

  2. Thomas Johnston

    Thank you for sharing this video with such an amazing commentary. Sera Mey looks beautiful and this video provided a wonderful view of the monastic life.

    Best wishes from Thomas

  3. carole chambers

    Really special indeed to have the video , and your commntary of course, big thank you for that !
    Yet very tantalising , not having even the slightest clue of the thread of a probaby complicated debate.
    Best wishes and love from your clueless ‘mum ‘


  4. shelleyfolland

    Thank you for sharing this with us Geshe la – wonderful to be able to see this footage of monastic life with your commentary. I used to enjoy watching the debating at Kopan though didn’t necessarily know much of what was going on. Sera Mey looks an amazing place. Robert & I both send our very best wishes to you.

  5. Sue Godden

    What a beautiful video, and wonderful narrative by Geshe Tashi. We are so lucky, fortunate, privileged that he is sharing so much of this amazing look into life in the monastery with us all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  6. claire

    Wonderful young monks! Great voices, great dances! I was even playing my flute with the music at the end!

  7. Trinley tenzin

    Beautiful Rik chung debate. I congratulate to all the 32 partispants. This is a wanderful moment for their life and I enjoyed watching it. Tashi delek to khen Rinpoche geshe tashi la.
    Trinley tenzin

    1. Rosalyn

      Great watching the video and listening to Geshela . I think it has made an imprint on my mind to learn debate in the next life.
      How wonderful all the ritual and pageantry
      So richly deserved after years of practising all the stages of the path through study and debate .

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