Photos of Geshe Tashi receiving his British Empire Medal

Photos of Geshe Tashi receiving his British Empire Medal

We’re ashamed to be so behind, but here are some pictures of Geshe Tashi after he received his British Empire medal at the Tower of London last year.  

After the ceremony, Geshe Tashi and his sister Dolma, together with His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s representative and John Adrian had lunch together and were taken on a tour of the Tower, which included the Crown Jewels.  Geshe la particularly enjoyed the day out.

A big thank you to John Adrian for these photos.

Our other (more recent) news is about The Foundation of Buddhist Thought Online Course.  To accommodate all the interest we’ve been getting, we’ve opened up another group, and so we now have places to fill.  If you know anyone who might be interested in joining the January intake, please to point them our way.  We’ll be including video streaming for the first time, as well as monthly live discussion groups – another first.

We’ll leave you with an image of Geshe Tashi’s medal, received for his services to Buddhism, to inspire you into the Twenties and beyond.

With best wishes, as ever,

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  1. Claire Carayannis (Lobsang Chondol)

    Now that Geshe Tashi la has taken over the British Empire, I don’t think we have any problems left!

  2. Maria Teresa Calogero

    Congratulation Geshe Tashi! Very happy for you indeed. I Miss you.

  3. Geshela!
    I miss you so much!!
    I miss your weekly teachings, your lovely presence and your golden light.
    Life is much more easier with someone like you around.
    I wish you can come to visit us soon: to Jamyang or to Bern or Zürich, wherever I can go to meet you.
    I can’t find any other master like you. And the closest FPMT Center is close to 3hours by train.
    Please, come back soon or organise some teachings on line live if you can.
    I guess I’m not the only one missing you that much.
    With love and blessings.
    Jamyang Buddhist Center 2015-2017

  4. Margaret Ayton

    Wonderful! It is so good that you have recognition! Thank you for your teachings, you have been in my heart for many years as an inspiration!

  5. Celeste Cambaza

    Beloved teacher Wish you Long live
    Happy for you I am.

  6. Judith Rinzin

    What a joy this Wednesday morning!!!
    Happy Lhakar Sang to all ?
    And thank you so much for the nice pictures!
    Tashi Delek
    Judith Rinzin

  7. Ariane Grizzelle

    How wonderful, inspiring and heartwarming to see this memorable moment. Many congratulations and thank you Geshe Tashi. Great photos, thank you for sharing !

  8. Beverley Ferguson

    An inspiring imprint for the New Year. A well deserved recognition.

  9. carmen willcox

    Seeing these photos , has brightened my day !! A memorable occasion. Geshe la is truly deserving.

  10. Ruth Pinner

    Indeed a lovely New Year brightener. Welcome to the New Year to us all, and warmest thanks, Geshe la, for keeping in touch with us all so beautifully.

  11. Brenda Fishwick

    Thankyou for these lovely photos and news. They brighten up a January morning!
    So lovely to see Geshe La receive this recognition for his many years of dedicated service in the UK.

  12. Cynthia Bonell

    Sending much gratitude to you for these updates. Much love to all.

  13. Barbara

    Wonderful to see geshe la receive the recognition he deserves

  14. janewheeler

    Lovely to see these photos. Thank you. Was wonderful to be able to share the news with friends out here in Gyalthan.
    Best wishes

  15. Mathivanan S

    Congratulations Rinpoche. It is a moment of great pride to see your relentless Dhamma work being acknowledged and appreciated at a very high level. We from Pondicherry wish you with peace, health and long life. Buddha Bless you. Respect and Regards. Mathi.

  16. Ann Norris

    So good to see these photograph thank you so much for sharing. Xxx Ann xxx

  17. Colleen ONeill

    Very nice?. Congratulations Gesh-la and thank you for sharing ??

  18. Uyanga

    Thank you Geshe Tashi, for your tireless work to teach us your holy knowledge.

  19. Jane Sill

    Many congratulations, Geshe la, and thank you for kindly sharing the pics



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