Official photos from Geshe-la’s Enthronement

Geshe-la has recently returned from Dharamsala where he had an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  The journey there and back was “a real killer”, he said.  He has had one full day after another at the monastery since, and tomorrow he is leaving for a conference with His Holiness in Delhi.  Despite his busy schedule, Geshe-la has taken the time to send us a selection of photos of his Enthronement day by Sera Mey’s official photographer.

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  1. Chrissie Martindale

    So lovely to see these photos from such a special day. thank you for sharing them with us all. The ceremony looks beautiful and so colourful. I think about Geshe-La everyday and wish him and his community much joy and happiness. Before he left he said it was a ‘big job’ and I can see that. Big Job’s need Big Hearts and that is something he has in abundance. With Much Love x

  2. Sue Godden

    Thank you so much for posting these beautiful photos of Geshe-La’s enthronement. It was wonderful to be able to both see our precious teacher on his special day, and to see what happens during an enthronement, something that may not have been available in the West before.

  3. susanmckenna

    Thank you for posting the wonderful photos of Geshe La’s enthronement for everyone to see.
    I look forward to seeing more photos and hearing about Geshe’s life at Sera🙏🏿

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