Launching the new Podcast “A Buddhist Life with Geshe Tashi Tsering” Eps 1 & 2

Launching the new Podcast “A Buddhist Life with Geshe Tashi Tsering” Eps 1 & 2


We are delighted to share news with you of the launch of Geshe Tashi’s new podcast series:  “A Buddhist Life with Geshe Tashi Tsering.”

It was Geshe-la’s idea, as he explains in Episode 1: An Introduction to the Series, that he would choose entries from His Holiness’s new book, “Daily Inspirations”, to be published on the day of the chosen entry.

It has taken us a while to set this up, so these two episodes for the 2nd February are obviously a few weeks behind, but the Episode 3 for the 27th February Daily Inspiration is ready for publication tomorrow. Going forward, Geshe-la hopes to produce a new podcast episode every two weeks or so.

We will be listing on Apple Podcasts (this takes 5 to 14 days to process)  and Spotify (up to 5 days), so do come and find us in these podcast directories under Religion/Buddhism, and help us with reviews and positive feedback.  And please tell your friends, family and colleagues!

We will, of course, always be publishing them as blogs here on

We hope you enjoy these really great little episodes from Geshe-la, we loved them.

With many best wishes,

Your Admin Team


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  1. Sandie Burland

    Dearest Geshe La

    How wonderful to hear your voice with its calming qualities. It fills my heart with joy and I feel so blessed that you have reached out to make connections with your old friends and students as well as new listeners.

    You are my most precious teacher and I recall precious days at Ackworth when you led the Easter Retreats, also wonderful teachings in London and always your kindness shining through.

    I thank you sincerely for all your wisdom and for rekindling my love of the dharma.

    Please, I request you to remain and be well.

  2. Richard Boardley

    Dear Geshe La

    Tashi Delek

    Thanks so much for embarking on this series of talks. Your observations and insights are as honest and practical as ever. And it’s just really good to hear your voice.

    Kindest – keep strong and well.

  3. Shelley Folland

    Thank you Geshe la for sharing these podcasts with us. I hadn’t realised there were four already so I will enjoy catching up! I will also find an opportunity to share this with my daughter Breagha. Increasingly so much of our modern realm seems to be about external happiness and gaining external things (and at such speed!). Indeed, we have even been noticing it in our education system (pass this test to get into the right high school, this exam to get to the next level of study, to access the right job, to earn the right amount, to get a car/house so you can afford a holiday/family/retirement plan). Precious precious little emphasis or education on being happy in yourself and what you are learning at this present moment.
    An image springs to mind of a hamster on an excercise wheel, stuck running around on that outer rim of the classic wheel of life thanka painting. If only we’d stop more and study the inner workings of the wheel! …..Said the lady that has been running around hamster style all day and paused for a mere 10 mins to listen to a teaching at midnight……A wonderful start and tonic to do so though so thank you again for the opportunity.
    With all very very best wishes

  4. Ani Losang

    Thank you, dear Khen Rinpoche Geshe Tashi-la,
    you are so right, we have to be reminded again and again, that the way we think and the way we act is not coherent.
    The imprints of thinking, that if everything outside is the way I want it, are sooooo deep and strong.
    Thank you for this motivation, it makes my imprints just a tiny bit weaker, it is so helpful. And it makes the gap between thinking and acting smaller and smaller.
    Your kindness for us moves my heart, and inspires me to really put of it into action.
    May your life be long, healthy and stable. With great respect, Ani Losang

  5. Jane Sill

    Dear Geshe la

    Thank you! Lovely to hear your voice and also to read others’ comments. Like Ruth, would love to get hold of the book. I like the format of simple, daily thoughts. They can stay with us throughout the 24 hours. I was reacting in a slightly different way. Recently, there have been such horrific pictures of suffering from Syria and other parts of the world where mostly the most vulnerable lack even the very bare necessities of life, that it feels we are in a way fortunate to have that problem of putting too much faith in material things. Saying that, for us who are in a much more privileged position, I feel many, especially the young, are not so ‘taken in’ by the idea that money can buy us happiness etc. Saying that, am sure I do not spend nearly enough time or resources cultivating those inner resources which constitute the real, long lasting ‘wealth’. Many, many thanks again and to the ‘Admin Team’! Belated Losar greetings, Jane


    Thank you, Geshe-la, for these podcasts. I don’t use social media but to sit quietly and listen to your voice and your words filling the room is a lovely gift to your friends, students etc. And the very first one was a birthday gift for this ageing Buddhist (if that’s not me being self-cherishing)! I’m also grateful to the Admin Team for making these available

  7. Julie

    Thank you for your podcasts.
    Bullying is a complex subject isn’t it – what about equally focussing on the perpetrators who commit systematic actions of bullying behaviours towards an individual(s)?

  8. Julia Griffiths

    Thank you to the Admin team and Geshe Tashi for setting up these podcasts. I am currently taking the FBT course and find Geshe Tashi’s books, video recordings and now these podcasts very helpful to promote deeper understanding of many complex subjects. Unfortunately suffering relating to social media abuse is becoming more and common in our modern society. This appears to be partly due to our inability to understand the nature of our existence and the transitory, fleeting importance of how we look, our sexuality, or any of the outward signs that make us appear different from each other. Ultimately, we all wish to escape suffering and only through teachers such as HH the Dalai Lama and Geshe Tashi and are our efforts will this be accomplished. So again many thanks to our precious teachers and may we all attain enlightenment!

  9. Volker Hessel

    Dear Geshe-la,
    thank you very much for setting up this podcast.
    Be sure that even without that media I strongly feel connected to you anyway and I dare to say that this connection will stay with me for the rest of my life. But of course the podcast makes it more vivid and I am grateful about that and its helpful contents.
    So thank you again (also to the Admin team!) and Happy Losar,

  10. Andrew Thacker

    Thank you Geshe la.
    It is indeed a very worrisome situation
    to have so many people finding the only way to escape is to commit suicide,. In the media and education I think they are sending out the wrong message, to look beautiful, to be highly successful, to have the perfect everything ; education is the key, but the right sort of education, a skilful way of dealing with life’s internal ups and downs.. Grateful thanks to yourself and the Admin team.

  11. Sue Godden

    Geshe La, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity with your time for making these recordings for us. It truly is wonderful to hear your voice and listen to your thoughts on these subjects. Choosing His Holiness’ book of Daily Inspirations is a lovely way to keep in touch and I for one, deeply appreciate it. Thank you.

  12. Raymond de la Rocha Mille

    Thank you for your dedication and kindness.

  13. Sue Aldam

    Thank you dear Geshe-la.
    It’s so kind of you to do this for us…it makes you feel very close.

  14. Ann Norris

    Thankyou Geshe-la.
    It is so good to hear your voice again and to feel in touch with you so grateful that you have generously given your precious time.

  15. Dr Ruth M Pinner

    Lovely to see comments based on HHDL’s new ~Daily inspirations book. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be readily available yet in this country, though one can get it with a bit of delay. Hopefully, this will be rectified soon.

  16. It is a lovely podcast by Geshela and the subject of young people who are trying to find their way in life and being criticised as in Korea some boys and girls killing themselves
    Is very bad.
    I am not on FB Also other subjects which are concerning and post to friends do not get much if any response. The only way for me is to talk to a friend directly or by phone. My grandson went through the process of changing from a girl to a boy and I only accepted the process over a long period through the help and understanding of her father. So for me not easy to share Buddhist thoughts with non Buddhists as generally they only have time for their own interests.
    I will not as I do not have the skill

  17. Chrissie Martindale

    Hi Geshe-La.
    Thank you so much for your commitment to staying in touch and sharing your teachings with us even though you have so many other demands on your time. Your first teaching has started me thinking about how much / little time I put into looking within compared to looking for happiness externally through relationships and so forth and how sometimes my mood is dependent on how others are feeling and what they do or don’t say. Thanks once again. I am very much looking forward to listening, thinking and acting over the year ahead. Chrissie

  18. Judith Rinzin

    Most Dear Ken Rinpoche Geshe Tashi la
    Thank you so much for your pod cast.
    This Inspiration comes exactly at the right time.
    Heartfelt Tashi Delek and
    Thank you!!!

  19. Brenda Fishwick

    Thank you Geshe La and the Admin team for setting this up. What a lovely offering to us all…. the combination of His Holiness’ Inspirations with Geshe La’s commentary is a wonderful way to start or end a day.

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