Geshe Tashi’s Travels: a Brief Update

Geshe-la has kindly recorded a video message for us.

He shares his latest activities as Abbot of Sera Mey Monastery; his trip to Bodhgaya to lead Essence of Eloquence seminar groups and meetings with His Holiness the Dalai Lama; his trips to Varanasi and Ganden Monastery; Tibetan New Year at Sera Mey; and attending His Holiness’s teachings in a cold and snowy Dharamsala.


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  1. Samantha

    Dear Geshe la,

    Thank you so much for all the news of your travels and continuing to share your life with us. I hope that you eye is better now?
    It is such a blessing to stay connected with you, your teachings and your new community through your video messages. It is wonderful that you can take some time from your commitments to attend some teachings for yourself as you teach me so much over the years. As you say, we never stop learning!
    Although I don’t live near our beloved Jamyang centre anymore, I continue to follow all your teachings as they inspire me every day. I hope to make the journey to Leeds to meet Ling Rinpoche this month.
    I wish you peace and joy. And hope that warmth of spring comes soon to you.
    With metta,
    Samantha (and now my son Cooper)

  2. Chrissie Martindale

    Dear Geshi-La.
    So wonderful to see and hear from you again so soon. It is very kind of you to take time to send us updates and insights into what life is like for you and the community at Sera. At Leeds our new home is in the middle of renovations ahead of the opening ceremony at the end of April. Thank you so much for your help and guidance in making it happen. We have been in temporary accommodation in Leeds City Centre for the last few months since we had to vacate St Paul’s Street. Even though it has been temporary it has been a warm and welcoming place for both new and long standing members of our community to meet. I can feel your presence there even though you are so many miles away. Looking forward to welcoming you to our new home when you have the opportunity once more. Love Chrissie.

  3. AlisonWertheimer

    Dear Geshe-la
    It was so kind of you to make the video – many many thanks and apologies for taking so long to reply! You are certainly very busy but I’m glad you have had time to attend some teachings amongst all your commitments at the monastery.
    With love and prayers
    from Alison

  4. Sam Pehrson

    Dear Geshe-la,
    It is great to see you, to get updates and stay connected via your videos and messages. I’m very happy to hear that despite all the administrative duties at the monastery you are still able to take part in some interesting meetings and seminars, where your participation and contribution must be extremely valuable.
    As it happens I was also in Dharamsala for a short visit this year, probably just a few weeks before you (for me the first time in around 15 years). I think the weather was almost exactly the same as back home in Scotland but indeed with no heating it gets very cold at night and I was happy to have a hot water bottle with me! If my timing had been a bit different maybe I would have bumped into you and had the chance to say hello.
    At the moment I’m listening back to your recorded teachings on Uttaratantra from Jamyang and taking my time to digest these teachings, but I also look forward to you being able to share some teachings on this website for us. And, please come back to the UK to see us as soon as you have an opportunity!
    With very best wishes,

  5. TonyNicely

    Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts. Good to hear that you are getting some time to attend teachings and also a little space for yourself. I hope you and your family a well after such massive changes over the year. We are missing your warmth.. Maybe a little bit more than you are missing cental heating!

  6. Ani B

    Dear Geshe la
    Thank you for your time to keep in touch when you are so busy
    Love and prayer
    Ani B

  7. BirgitA

    Dear Geshe Tashi,
    thank you so much for the message. It is very nice that you take the time to send an update. It´s always very inspiring to hear your words.
    hope that all your wishes will be fulfilled, including a heating next time you go to Dharamsala,
    All the very best,

  8. Jane Sill

    Dear Geshe la

    Thank you so much for sharing your travels with us. Am so glad to hear you have been able to attend such interesting conferences. Looking forward to hearing more about them, I hope, in your podcasts when you have time. So glad you also had time for some space in Sarnath – such a lovely park. I am not sure what happened to your eye, but wish too a very speedy recovery. We are looking forward to welcoming Ling Rinpoche next month and wonderful he can inaugurate the new Leeds Centre. Missing your teachings but so glad you are able to attend some yourself! Sending warm good wishes from a Spring like London – birds and first flowers appearing.

    Tashi Delek!

  9. Marina

    Dear Geshe Tashi,

    Thank you very much for the update. It is so wonderful to hear from you. Praying for your wellbeing, long life, health and all the best for your activities in running the monastery.

    Kind regards

  10. Jet

    Thank you for your message Geshe La. I was starting to get worried. But you are really very busy!! I hope you can organise “your” monastery the way you want it. I also hope your eye will heal soon.
    Looking forward to your next video. It took me that long to find the way to the message box, :-((
    Keep safe.
    Mike says “hi”
    Best wishes. Jet

  11. Thomas Johnston

    Dear Geshe La

    Thank you for your latest message. I’m glad that you have had a beneficial time over this busy period for you and got to enjoy your time in all these great places.

    I hope that you achieve all your aims for Sera Mey.

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