Geshe Tashi’s Christmas Message

Dear online community,

Geshe la is in the middle of the winter debates, and also busy preparing for his departure for Bodhgaya for His Holiness’s teachings, but he has also found time to record a Christmas message for us all.  It seems he is planning to send us more videos, and hopefully some Dharma teachings in 2019, reasons to be cheerful in the coming year!

Geshe Tashi’s Christmas Message

We’d like to follow his example and wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a very Happy Holidays!

With love from

The Admin Team xx

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  1. Jane Sill

    Dear Geshe la

    Thank you for your kind greetings and sending a very happy Christmas season from chilly UK. Know Indian counting is a little different but think we are moving to 2020 – unless I have been dreaming ahead this year! Lovely to see you even for a short time and hope you manage another visit next year. Tashi Delek and happy 600th anniversary for Je Tsong Khapa



  2. Samantha

    Dear Geshe-La,

    Thank you for all your teachings and for your kind message which you sent me about continuing my studies and embracing the new compassion that motherhood brings. I am sad that time and distance does not allow me to be with my Jamyang friends at present but thank you very much for all your teachings over the last 5 years and it is truly wonderful that you are now Abbot of Sera Mey. I have been grateful for your heart connection over these years and glad our spiritual connection can remain strong.

    I am so grateful for this website and the opportunity to continue to follow your teachings.

    Samantha (and now my son, Cooper)

  3. BirgitA

    Dear Geshe Tashi,
    I´m so happy that you have done this website. Thank you very much. I will still follow your teachings.
    I wish you all the very best in India and everywhere.

  4. Rosalyn

    Dear Geshe la,
    lovely to hear from you. Wishing you a very Happy
    and successful New Year.
    Thank you for opening up and teaching the beautiful ways of seeing the dharma which vistas which seem increasingly vast.
    Wonderful that you are Abbot and hope that the monks realise how fortunate they are. That they quickly attain realisations and pass their exams as we certainly need inspirational teachers in the world right now .

  5. AlisonWertheimer

    Hello dear Geshe-la
    It’s very kind of you to remember us at this time of year and when you are so busy yourself. I hope the coming year will find you healthy, content and peaceful.
    with many many good wishes

  6. Chrissie Martindale

    Dear Geshe-la. Thank you so much for the lovely message and your greetings for the whole community for Christmas and 2019. The web site is such a great idea for keeping in touch, I am sure that I won’t be the only one to really appreciate the time and thought that went into setting it up and for you being able to post messages when you are able. Merry Christmas to everyone. Chrissie

  7. Claire Frances

    Thank you so much for your Christmas message, Geshe-la. I have found your teachings — the FBT books and FBT and LRCM courses — to be of tremendous benefit and feel a profound heart connection with you. Thank you for your kindness in taking time out of your busy schedule at Sera Mey to communicate with your students. I look forward to your dharma teachings in 2019.


  8. Krynski1

    I wish you all the best of health and happiness. I will ne passing by Sera Mey early 2019 and I will pass by to pay you my respect. I find you to be very inspiring. Thank you very much.

  9. judith.rinzin

    Good Morning Geshe la!!!
    Many warm Tashi Deleks and regards to you and Sera Monastery !
    Thank you so much for the heartwarming messages! We hope, that your health is at its best and that the big monastic tasks are not a burden on your shoulders but source of great joy and enthusiasm!
    May the light of the great masters shine on your path and please continue to be our “dispeller of darkness “ (litteral meaning of the word guru) and source of all good (lama)
    In that sense, merry Christmas and a very very happy New Year, Dear Geshe la!
    Season ‘s Greatings from Switzerland.
    Tenzin and Judith Rinzin

  10. Marina

    Thank you for your kind message and for not forgetting us, dear Geshe Tashi!

  11. Ani B

    Thankyou so much for your Xmas message
    I hope you have a beneficial time in Bodh Gaya
    Ani B

  12. Paul Seagrave

    Happy Christmas from Nalanda Geshe Tashi..

    Thank you


    1. Tsultrim - Ruth

      Dear Geshe Tashi

      Thank you so much for still taking care of all of us, even though you have such an incredible big duty and responsibility!
      When Basic Program students at ILTK, Pomaia, ask me, ‘what to do, Lorig is so difficult’ or ‘how can I prepare for Tenets’, I advise them to read your books 🙂 Later they come and are so happy, because they could understand the topic much better! Thank you for helping us in many different ways.

      Thank you for your Christmas messages and wishes!
      Have a wonderful New Year with strong, good health and hopefully you find some time for giving us some teachings.

      Maybe see you in Bodhgaya
      A heartfelt TASHI DELEK
      Tsultrim – Ruth H.

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