Geshe Tashi’s Christmas Message

Geshe Tashi’s Christmas Message

Just after returning from a fourteen day trip to Ganden Monastery, Geshe Tashi has recorded a Christmas and Seasonal Message for us in what is happily becoming an annual tradition.

He describes his visit to Ganden monastery to join His Holiness the Dalai Lama for the celebrations surrounding 600th anniversary of Je Tsongkhapa’s nirvana. He sends his best wishes and thanks to his community of friends, supporters and well-wishers around the world.

A perfect addition to the Holiday Season.

With the very best wishes from us too,

The Admin Team.


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  1. Alison

    Dear Geshe-la,
    It was so lovely to see you at Jamyang in November and so kind of you to visit us when your life is so incredibly busy ! And thank you for your Christmas and New Year Greetings when you had just returned to the monastery after a long journey. Your teachings and your advice are a wonderful legacy and I continue to reap the benefits. Please come and see us in 2020 if you were able to make the time. May all go well for you in the coming year and many good wishes to you and your family.
    Alison (Wertheimer)

  2. Ros

    Dear Geshe la thank you so much for your Christmas message we have just listened to it to kick off our new year after a lovely Tara puja – perfect way into 2020. Thank you so much for making time to see us in the Uk recently was much appreciated by many.
    Best wishes and prayers for a joyful and peaceful year hopefully less travel for you !
    Warm wishes Ros and Paul x
    Ps Exchanged Christmas greetings with Rabten yesterday !

  3. Patrick

    Dear geshe la
    Thank you for your kind words at Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful new year.

  4. Uyanga

    Dear Geshe La,
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2020!
    Uyanga , Nomondary

  5. Kamal and Amrita Meettook

    Wishing You a Very Happy New Year 2020!
    Thank you for sharing your ideas and we wish you success in your endeavours.

  6. Brenda Fishwick

    So lovely to see and hear you again as the year draws to a close Geshe La. Thankyou for your words and warm wishes.
    You must have been very tired after the busy conference and the long drive back so it was especially thoughtful of you to think of us all who miss you…..
    It was a pleasure also to meet with you briefly on your visit to Leeds ….and to hear that you hope to be in UK in September:))

    As we listen to your message we can also hear the birdsong in the background, transporting us for a moment to your new home in India …..lovely.

    Go well Geshe La, thankyou for encouraging us and much love from everyone at Yeshe Group Cumbria. May you have a joyful and fulfilling year ahead.

  7. Judith Rinzin

    Dear Geshe la
    Thank you so much for your video and Christmas Messages.
    We wish you good health, happiness and success in all your projects.
    We are looking forewart to read you and wish you a very happy New year
    Tenzin and Judith Rinzin

  8. Anne-Céline

    Thank you Sooo Much Gueshe La,
    best wishers and warmest regards
    good to see you
    best remember

  9. Volker Hessel

    Dear Geshe-la,
    thank you very, very much for your Christmas and New Year wishes, all the best for you and your work as well! I joined for one day of practice for Je Tsongkhapa’s 600th anniversary in the FPMT-center in Vienna/Austria. It felt good to connect to you and so many other people and dharma-friends celebrating this day in so many parts of the world, remembering and being inspired by the life of this amazing teacher.
    Thank you again,

  10. Susan McKenna

    ?❤️Thank you for your message Gesha la and for teaching. Please come back and teach again☀️?
    See you next year, with love, Susan (Brighton)

  11. Sue Aldam

    Dear Geshe-la,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to do your blog. It’s wonderful to know what you are doing and it was so good to see you in the uk recently.
    Caroline and Molly are with us for Christmas and join me in sending love and very good wishes for the New Year. Please come back soon!

  12. Jenny Marshall

    Dear Geshe La,
    We so enjoyed seeing you at Jamyang Leeds in November, and hearing about your life at Sera Mey, the education of the monks there. Have sent you a card with photocopy of theories of learning chart & pdf link just in case it’s helpful for the monks. Thank you so much for recording this festive season message, especially as you took the time to do it on the day you returned to Sera Mey after the long trip from Ganden. Hope to see you in the UK in the autumn,
    Best wishes to you, your immediate family and the wider Dharma family,

    Jenny and Dave R
    Sheffield, UK

  13. kitty lam

    Dear Geshe la,
    Thank you for your wonderful Xmas message!
    Wish you keeping in good health and be turning the wheels of Dharma and helping all sentient beings !
    we thank you so much for all the teachings you have given us in UK
    All the best in 2020
    Kitty and Kim Lam(Norwich)

  14. David Ford

    Dear Geshe-la,
    Thank you so much for your Christmas message and for coming to see us all in November. Sincerely wishing you too every happiness and success in all your endeavors,
    With our love David & David

  15. Chrissie Martindale

    Hi Geshe-La
    Thank you so much for all your messages via the blog. Its really great to be able to see and hear you even though you are so busy. Wishing you, Tri and Peter much success and joy with the new version of the FBT course. I have just completed it in Leeds with David in the old format and it was both insightful & delightful to do. I can highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to do so. Many thanks also for coming to see us at the new Jamyang centre in Leeds in November. It was so good to see you in person and to hear about what life is like for you at Sera.

  16. Roisin

    Thank you Geshe La!
    Season’s greetings to you too, from wintery Norwich, we had some sunshine yesterday and I had a lovely walk around the lake at UEA with daughter Tara (now 11!) and little dog Sparky (nearly 3) and partner Mark (the Zen one I argue with!) It is a nice life here but very far from Jamyang.

    I’m hoping this season is a good climate for you, too – not too hot. Your visit to Ganden and Drepung with His Holiness sounds wonderful, I am so happy you enjoyed that time with the Rinpoches, scholars and students. I had a strong feeling when you were talking about it that I wish I could have been there too! Like I missed out on something amazing! I’d better make more merit to receive more teachings!

    Bye for now and lots of love and Tashi Deleks to you,
    Roisin xxx

  17. Cynthia Bonell

    Dear Geshe-la,
    Thank you for your messages. I wish you good health and success in all your ventures. Please let me know if I can help you in anyway. I of cause continue to try to practice and meditate as best I can, remembering your excellent advice. ??

  18. Shelley Folland

    It has been wonderful over this past year to keep in touch via this website and we very much appreciated being able to ‘livestream’ your talk from Jamyang even though we weren’t able to come to London. Great news that the FBT course will continue!
    With very best wishes to you Geshe La for 2020 and beyond.
    With our love
    Robert, Shelley, Breagha & Oran (Norwich)

  19. Barbara Shannon

    Dear Geshe La
    It was wonderful to see you recently
    Thank-you for this recoding even though you are so busy
    love and prayer
    Ani Barbara

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