Geshe Tashi video message about The Foundation of Buddhist Thought Course

Geshe Tashi video message about The Foundation of Buddhist Thought Course

Geshe la has recorded a video message explaining the journey he’s been through with The Foundation of Buddhist Thought course, and the new direction going forward.

We hope you enjoy!

With best wishes,

The Admin Team

For more information on the launch of the Foundation of Buddhist Thought Course in January 2020, please visit:

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  1. Ros Williams

    I would like to comment on the Foundation of Buddhist Thought which I completed in 2009 and again 2014. It was like a breath of fresh air
    Previously I had taken Buddhist teachings where you had to learn the Lamrim headings by heart and then meditate on each one. This approach didn’t suit me.
    I found the FBT made me curious to learn more and I enjoyed using all my energy to try and understand the bigger picture.
    So thank you so much it was an awakening call and consequently never stopped in my search for awakening !

  2. Helen Travers

    We are happy to find you (for the first time) and look forward to studying further.

  3. Liz Dickson

    So happy to see you Geshe-la, and so happy that your wonderfully clear and accessible course will continue with the good work of Tri and Peter. The Foundation of Buddhist Thought course provided me with a solid basis for all my subsequent practice – it is truly a cornerstone.

  4. Aarti Kapoor

    Dear Geshe Tashi,
    Thank you for the update. The FBT programme provided the fundamental map on which all my continued Dharma practice fits and builds. Only recently I have started going back again to the material from the course we did at Jamyang in 2008. I am really happy to hear it will continue and bring wisdom and insight to more and more beings.
    Best wishes, Aarti

  5. Sam Pehrson

    Dear Geshe-la, Peter and Tri,
    Such great news that FBT will continue – well done for all your efforts to make it happen! The FBT and Lamrim Chenmo courses were so valuable for me and the online format was a much-needed way for us students to connect and discuss with each other over the years. I’m also keen to help in any way I can.
    Very best wishes,

    1. admin

      Thank you Sam for your kind comments and offer of help, much appreciated. We will be posting on our FBT blog ways well-wishers can help that will make a big difference to us, we look forward to keeping in touch,
      Best wishes,
      Peter & Tri

  6. Claire Frances

    I’m very happy to hear that the FBT courses will continue. They have benefitted so many of us. This is the second time I have taken this amazing journey! Our FBT group is immensely grateful to Geshe-la and for the kindness of our moderator, Joseph Bovard. Thank you, Peter and Tri, for enabling FBT to continue.

    Warm wishes,

    1. admin

      Thank you Claire for your kind messages so far. We enjoy being in touch,

      Peter & Tri

  7. Jean Krynski

    Good afternoon,
    I’m from Canada and I’m wondering if the courses will be available online.
    I greatly appreciated my encounter with Khensur Rinpoche at his office at Sera Mey earlier this year.
    Best regards

    1. admin

      Hi Jean, yes the courses will be available online, first The Foundation of Buddhist Thought course, then The Lam Rim Chenmo course. Once we have our website up and running (hopefully before Christmas) it will all be much clearer. We’ll make registration available soon, and the first intake will be in the week beginning the 20th January 2020.
      Best wishes,
      Peter & Tri (The Admin Team)

  8. Alison Ramsey

    This is absolutely brilliant news. I’m so happy that you are able to do this. I did this course a very long time ago and would very much love to do this again.
    Thank you all for making this possible. Happy days . Alison Ramsey

    1. admin

      Thank you Alison. We’ve done the course many times ourselves, it always feels fresh and a little different, and we always learn more. It is our pleasure to be working on the FBT, but thank you!

  9. Rozenberg Rosette

    Dear Geshela, Peter and Tr, I am delighted that the FBT course is going to continue. I did it twice and loved every moment of it. It is the bedrock of my dharma studies and I go back to the books again and again. I wish you every success with it and would be more than happy to help in any way I can.
    Have a lovely festive season. Lots of love and thank you.

    1. Claire Carayannis (Lobsang Chondol)

      Hello Rosette. I also want to help with the new course in any way that I can. I was wondering if the best way might be for us older students to rejoin this new course in order to contribute to the discussions from our perspectives; with a view to generating some very interesting online dialogue with younger students and newcomers to the Mahayana. I was hoping that perhaps my son might also join the course (seeing as he has grown up with his very annoying Mahayana mum! Whis gives him another perspective again.) What do you think?

    2. admin

      Thank you Rosette and for your offers of help. It is the bedrock of our dharma practice too, we feel very lucky to be throwing ourselves into the material once again. Happy festive season to you and Anton,

      Peter & Tri

  10. Jane Sill

    Yes, very happy the FBT will continue. It is such a helpful and beautifully and skilfully constructed course which has helped so many people, myself included. Good luck with this new phase! Warm seasonal greetings and Tashi Delek

    1. admin

      Thank you for all your help and advice so far Jane,

      Peter & Tri

  11. Kamal and Amrita

    It is really good to see you and we look forward to the FBT course. Thank goodness everything has been resolved on a positive note. Keep up the good work and best wishes to the team for keeping your mission going strong.
    All the best Dharma Guru!

  12. This is such wonderful news! It would have been a tragedy for the course not to continue. I joined the Foundation of Buddhist Thought course on the very first course. Having a baby at the time and a new baby later on; it took me three courses to complete the course! I then joined the Lamrim Chenmo course. The Foundation of Buddhist Thought became the foundation of my life. I still use the Tantric Paths book all the time (it has become very tatty and full of notes!) I would love to contribute to the course in any way possible. I will also try to join; if it is possible. Thank you so much Peter and Tri and Geshe Tashi la! It is wonderful to see Geshe la looking so great! He looks 15 years younger since he has returned to India. It seems that the good India weather is doing great things for his health. I am praying for auspiciousness and great success for the new course!

    1. admin

      Thank you Claire for your comment and offers of help. Quite a few people have offered to help in any way they can, and we are very grateful for the support. We plan to post a blog on the FBT site once it is up and running with the the things well-wishers could do that would make a real difference to us. Thank you Claire and thank you all.

  13. Kay Cooper

    We’re so glad the FBT course is going to continue and wish it every success. As Geshe Tashi says it benefited so many people. Kay and Gordon

    1. admin

      Thank you Kay and Gordon for your on-going and enthusiastic support. We think of you as the Founding Father and Mother of the FBT!
      Peter & Tri

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