Geshe Tashi Tsering’s interview on the Study Buddhism YouTube channel

Great news!

Matt Linden from Study Buddhism has been in touch with us at to let us know that Geshe la’s video is now up and running on the Study Buddhism YouTube channel.  Matt has been working on this a long time and has done an absolutely fantastic job.

Matt recorded this with Geshe la at Jamyang shortly before he left for Sera Mey to be Abbot.  Geshe la told us he was very tired during this interview, but for us it is wonderful to see him teaching the dharma, and a timely reminder what a unique and precious teacher he is.  How wonderful to be able to go straight to the essence of taking refuge!

We are delighted to be able to bring Alex Berzin’s wonderful YouTube channel and site to your attention.

We hope you enjoy!


The Admin Team

To access the video, please click here.  Matt has divided this into a series of short videos, but if you use this link, they should play one after the other.


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  1. Samantha

    Dear Geshe-La,

    These teachings continue to fill me with joy and peace and help my understanding more each day. I thank you for them from my heart and I am so grateful that you continue to be our teacher and I learn from you every day as I have for years.

    Thank you, with joy,
    Samantha and my son Cooper

  2. carole chambers

    Dear Geshe la,
    In the mornings l find its good to settle down, and have a cup of tea with you and this machine , to enjoy one or two of the short tastes of teachings from this particular snip format…… its been a delight.
    Good morning Geshe la, and thank you!

  3. Viviane Lightfoot

    Dear Geshe-la
    First, my condolences on the passing of your father – sorry I am late with this, have had trouble logging on, but all good now.
    And many thanks for your blog, especially the Study Buddhism interviews. They answered a nmber of questions I have recently struggled with (very basic ones!) and your interviews contained answers and direction for me. They have been really helpful as usual.

    The videos and photos you ‘ve posted are great, keeps me in touch visually with a really great teacher in whom I am building a good sense of trust – many thanks

    Viviane Lightfoot

  4. claire

    Thank you admin team. Fantastic job. Have just started 2nd video. Tibetan Buddhism is very young in the west, but actually very young full stop. It is a fragment of Ancient Indian Vedic culture. It would be more useful to upgrade the links with our Indian origins than to worry about building things up in the so-called West; which at this stage, god only knows where that is!

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