Practicing Buddhism in a Pandemic – Geshe Tashi Tsering’s Coronavirus Update 24th March

Practicing Buddhism in a Pandemic – Geshe Tashi Tsering’s Coronavirus Update 24th March

In this blog series, Geshe Tashi will be giving us regular updates on the Coronavirus Pandemic amongst the Tibetan diaspora in India through the lens of Sera Mey Monastery, home to 6,000 monks. In response to emails asking after his welfare and requesting advice in these difficult times, he will be sharing his observations, thoughts and advice in his usual warm-hearted and accessible style.

In this video entry he describes the measures he and his colleagues have been taking.  He shares his deep concerns about the preparedness of the Indian state, and the safety of those under his care. For all of us back at home, he offers practical advice for those wishing to practice and strengthen their spiritual path at this time.


For our Tibetan language speakers, here is a copy of Geshe Tashi’s  Covid-19 announcement made by Sera Mey Monastery on Sunday 22nd March.

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  1. Lou Beaumont

    Thank you dear Geshe la so so much for sharing with us how it is in India & in the monasteries during these difficult times it helps us , in the west, very much to keep a balanced perspective & it is good to know how you are too – thank you for that kindness because we do worry about you, about you all in the monasteries! we will make strong prayers & dedications that you get the fresh fruit & veggies that you need.
    Thank you for your heartfelt advice & dharma teachings. Please stay well.
    Lou – Jamyang Leeds (lives in Spain)

  2. Max

    Thanks dear Geshe la

    Good to hear you warm hearted dharma teachings.

    Max from Newcastle

  3. Rosalyn Williams

    Dear Geshela
    I just wanted to say having read your blog twice the situation in the supermarkets here is that there is a shortage of milk powder, toilet paper, antiseptic soap, and washing up liquid , no masks of course but fresh fruit and veg onions and potatoes are easily obtainable.
    I just hope that you are able to get supplies of fresh fruit and veg to go with your rice and dhal.
    I don’t like to make any more comments as you do have an advantage over us –
    Within your monasteries you have the finest brains in the country!
    How to keep the monks happy and how to acquire fresh fruit and veg.

  4. Rosalyn Williams

    Dear Geshela
    Just so good to see you. I am very happy to see you. Thank you for keeping in touch so closely when you have so many responsibilities.
    The staff at Jamyang are well, we see them on zoom when we do morning prayers at 8-45 and Venerable Fabienne is very good taking time so we can develop our motivation in the best possible way. It’s lovely that slowly slowly Jamyang is making itself available through zoom first prayers are offered for volunteers and then in future will broaden out.
    The recommended Tara prayers by HHDL were offered for the first time yesterday on Jamyang’s FB page led by Paula Chichester every Tuesday at 4 on our calendar.
    Sorry to digress Geshela I am just rejoicing at all the efforts people are taking generally. My friend Steve has been asked by two of his neighbours if he would like them to do his shopping.
    We are very lucky to have studied the dharma with you , you were always there for everyone , you were/ are our Guru and through that relationship we worked hard and tried our best -training to follow the path . Thank you so much. I hope the virus is subdued very quickly particularly in places that have few resources.

  5. Dear Geshe la. You keep everything in perspective to the greater human condition. Your calm voice soothes us all. Your monastery is in our prayers. Please stay safe to continue to guide us through this challenging time. Heartfelt wishes.

  6. Jane Sill

    Dear Geshe la

    Thank you very much for taking time to speak with us. I was so very, very sorry to hear of your friend’s passing. Such sad news. Thank you also for your helpful advice. I am very glad to see you looking well but can only imagine the challenges you must all be facing. Sending heartfelt prayers and good wishes. Thank you again, Take good care and I hope all the elderly monks and teachers stay safe also, Jane PS Maybe Sera can start vegetable and fruit growing …

  7. m.

    Thank you Geshe la for your massive contributions to the wellbeing of all. May you stay in good health enriching us all with your warmth, advice and learning.
    Your pod casts give us the opportunity to keep in close contact, so please be assured of our love and prayers for a positive outcome to this latest

  8. Sue Aldam

    Dear Geshe-la, thank you so much for this timely advice, especially at a time when you must be so busy. It has raised my spirits after a frustrating couple of days, and helped to put things into perspective. As always you are in our thoughts and prayers. Sue

  9. Chrissie

    Geshe La. So good to hear from you during these difficult times. It is very useful to hear your timeline also and the effect that it is having on day to day life for you all at Sera and in the wider community. Very poignant to hear of the difference in availability of medical support and a timely reminder on gratitude for what we do have available to us both medically and in the dharma teachings and our practice. I have set up a soundcloud page for Dru Yoga @ Jamyang and will be putting some guided meditation and relaxation on there. I’ve started with a short 20 minute relaxation, so if anyone would like to use it you’re very welcome. I know that we are all looking at how we can support each other online, for example Jays having a virtual cafe this week on zoom so we can ‘get together’ still over a coffee and chat. If anyone would like to join, see the Jamyang Leeds website. My heartfelt wish for you and all to remain well. Om shanti namaste Chrissie

  10. Carmen

    Geshe stay well you and all others. Thank you for your peaceful words.

  11. Genevieve Zaech

    Dear Geshe Tashi, I‘m very happy to be able to connect with you through your video blog reviving the teachings I was lucky enough to attend. Foremost I‘m glad to see you in good health. I live in the „grey country with the golden dust“ and presently I‘m fortunate enough to have access to food and water in a manageable way.
    Here, intensive care will apparently be granted in priority to those patients who have the greater chances of survival, and the emotional result seems to be that elderly people having to go out for a walk, eg because they have a pet, are not well seen, because they might risk to get infected and might take away a hospital bed from others. Young people on the other hand have been heavily critized for other things. Those aspects of the novel corona virus flu are rather sad. The best I can do for myself and others is propably the creation of a sort of home retreat. That‘s the golden dust for me and I have probably more luck than I deserve… As to the appaling possible food shortage in the monastery, if there is anything that could be done, I would appreciate hearing it from the admin team. Heartfelt thanks for your patience❣️

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