Geshe-la’s Enthronement

Geshe-la has let us know that his Enthronement Ceremony went well.  He has sent us some photos, taken by his brother, to share with you all.  He says that he should be able to send us some more photos and videos taken by people with good cameras later.

Isn’t it wonderful to see him in his new role!

Geshe-la has been in Dharamsala since the 23rd, and will be returning to the monastery on the 28th.  He wanted to let you all know that he will be writing about his journey, his first few weeks and his Enthronement Ceremony after he gets back.


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  1. Trinley tenzin

    Dear Geshe la,

    Congratulations for this great news.
    We just came to know yesterday through our friends. We were so happy.
    Wishing you all the best and success.

    Tenzin family from FRANCE.

  2. Claire Frances

    Geshe-la looks so serene in his new environment. When I first heard that Geshe-la had been appointed Abbot, I was concerned that the change would be difficult for him after living in London for so long. But that was my attachment talking! Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures. How wonderful that this is happening to our teacher. I feel so proud — hopefully in a good way — and deeply moved and inspired!

    Love to all,

    1. admin

      Thank you Claire for putting our feelings into words so beautifully. It is wonderful and amazing that this is happening to him, and we both feel very proud of him too. You are so right, there is something deeply moving and inspiring about seeing him in these photos. Thank you!

    2. patrick

      Dear. Geshe la
      I am so proud to have known you and seeing you enthroned. Your kindness is boundless. I am doing
      Chenrezai mantra for your continued successes as Abbot. Also for his holiness and lama zopa. I will aim for 10 million but might be dead before I finish!

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