Enthronement Video with Commentary

Geshe la has done an amazing commentary on his enthronement  video

We know you’re going to love this,

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  1. Ali Johnston

    It was typically kind and caring of you to create the Enthronement video with your voice explaining what was happening. It was beautiful and fascinating. So many Monks, great and small, young and old – whew.
    We all miss you of course. Everyone in the Administration at Jamyang is working hard to keep the centre moving along. To keep the ship afloat as they say!!
    But there is a huge hole where you should be. And a bigger one in our hearts.
    I am so pleased that you are with your friends and family in Sera May, and this must be a joy for you. Able to communicate in your mother tongue all the time! and also to talk with so many other great scholars (and friends) on your own level. No doubt the monks are making sure you are well looked after and eating things you like (chocolate cake?). Your new home is so grand. I was amazed how beautiful it is. And the sun is always shining there to keep everyone warm.
    Great news that His Holiness has suggested you should visit UK before too long..
    Am following your posts, blog, podcasts etc Thank you for them all.

  2. Rosa

    Dear Geshe-la,
    Thank so much for sharing, I feel like I was able to participate after all.
    We look forward to the online teachings,

  3. Chrissie Martindale

    Such a delight to hear your voice, talking us through the different parts of the ceremony. Thank you so much for taking time out from what I am sure is a very busy schedule to think of us. I am sure I am not the only one to think of you and wish you much success in your endeavours and joy every day.

  4. Jane Sill

    Thank you. The descriptions really help to bring the day to life. What a lot has happened in such a short time! I think the pics are great! Many thanks for kindly sharing such a very special event. Warmly Jane

  5. Sue Godden

    Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful description of your special day. Although you are many miles away from us at Jamyang in body, it’s obvious we are still very much in your thoughts. We all appreciate this very much and look forward to seeing and hearing more about your time as Abbot of Sera Mey.

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