Becoming Abbot of Sera Mey Monastery

Soon I will be leaving London for India.

I have mixed feelings about returning to my monastery where I was educated, and where I lived for 18 years.  On the one hand this is a great honour, on the other hand it is a big duty.  On the one hand many of the great teachers and colleagues who were there when I left will not be there when I return.  On the other hand there will be many young and energetic monks at my old college, and I look forward to seeing their debates.

I will be enthroned on the 17th June.  It will be a full day of many traditional activities.  It will be a great honour to follow in the footsteps of the ninety Abbots who come before me.  I will be the ninety first.  At the same time it will be a daunting day.

There are two things in particular I will have to do.  I will have to perform by heart a ngowa, a long dedication ceremony, while all the other monks enjoy tea and cake.  This will be my first test in memorisation.

My second test will be the debate classes.  Each class has its own debate material.  For each class I need to go one by one and give a page and a half recitation by heart from their debate class material. There are fourteen debate classes.

For those who have been studying with me, one of the debate classes will be on the Essence of Eloquence, from the Chittamattra section.

I have one small thing I would like to mention, from the organiser of the enthronement ceremony.  He wants to know how many invitation cards are to be sent to my friends in the West.  I said he will need at least 300 to 400 cards, but no one will come.  Just to have tea and lunch!  So I said, don’t bother to send them.  Although you are all invited, it is practically impossible to come at this late stage.  But I apologise I didn’t send these colourful invitation cards.  I would have liked to have done so.

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  1. Sam Pehrson

    Dear Geshe-la,
    It is wonderful to hear from you and to see the photos from your enthronement. I’m so happy you are able to keep a connection with us through this website am looking forward to your updates and podcasts.
    Like many others I am rejoicing in your new role and the benefit that you will bring to the monks at Sera Mey!
    With very best wishes,

  2. Natasha

    Dear Geshe Tashi

    I am so honoured to have had an opportunity to meet you and have your presence and influence in my life. You are the most inspiring and wonderful teacher and mentor. I will treasure your teachings and will miss you very much. However, this new opportunity is an indication of how unique you are and I wish you all the very best.

    I have signed up for all newsletters and blogs to follow your kind updates.

    With kindest and warmest wishes

    Your dedicated student

  3. Dear Geshe-la, I’m so happy you’ve established this connection. My heart was filled with joy when I read about your appointment. HHDL couldn’t have chosen best!

    It is indeed a daunting task to memorise all those pages! I trust though that you will, I have witnessed the power of your commitment to teaching Dharma and I am forever grateful for all your teachings in the FBT and the many retreats you’ve lead. The young monks at Sera Mey are very fortunate to have you.

    I pray for your long and healthy life, may we meet again!
    Lobsang Penbar

  4. Claire Frances

    Dear Geshe-la. I am so happy we have this connection now that you are no longer at Jamyang. I am one of the many students scattered across the globe who are benefiting from your online courses (FBT and LRCM). I am very grateful for your teachings, which have made the Dharma so accessible to Westerners. The monks at Sera Mey are very fortunate to have you there to guide them.

    Wishing you all the very best with the challenges of your new position.


  5. Frank Dahmen

    Dearest Geshe la, given the time difference I guess you are about to get ready for the enthronement ceremony. I rejoice in your appointment as Abbot of Sera Mey and wish you all the very best. Thank you for all your guideance and support over recent years. May our paths cross again in this and future lives. Lobsang Damcho

  6. Eva

    Tashi Delek dear Geshe La, i send you my heartfelt wishes and my prayers for the upcoming day and the times after. I think that all monks will be so happy and thankfull to get such wonderfull Ken Rinpoche???

  7. Paul S

    Very best wishes Geshe Tashi, hope your as equally benificial to the monks in Sera as you have been to all of us in the UK and europe..

    Sure that many of us will be thinking of you on the 17th

  8. Judy

    Best wishes for your enthronement on Sunday. Wish we could be there but as you said, it’s pretty short notice! And the tea & cake at your Farewell Party was really good !
    Judy K

  9. Ruth Pinner

    We will be thinking of you on the 17th, and wishing you all good fortune. But from 4.00 a.m., indeed 4.00 a.m. your local time, I very much doubt!

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