A Buddhist Life with Geshe Tashi Tsering Ep.5 – Interdependence & the Coronavirus pandemic.

A Buddhist Life with Geshe Tashi Tsering Ep.5 – Interdependence & the Coronavirus pandemic.


In this episode Geshe Tashi reads and discusses His Holiness’s Daily Inspiration for the 27th March. In the light of the current worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, Geshe Tashi has chosen a quotation from His Holiness the Dalai Lama emphasising the “need for a clear awareness of the interdependent nature of nations, of humans and animals and the world.”  Drawing on his own experience of trying to care for the Sera Mey monks and their families at this time, he skilfully encourages us to use the Buddhist teachings on interdependence to try and gain some perspective around the feelings of fear and confusion many of us are experiencing.

With best wishes as always,

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  1. Wendy

    Many, many thanks Geshe-la for taking the time to make these wonderful podcasts. So helpful, informative and relevant. Hope you and all those you are connected with stay very well and safe.
    Best love and much respect.

  2. Brenda

    Thank you once again Geshe La for your wisdom and encouragement. I felt sad to hear that you could not get through, despite many attempts, on the Indian government help line. I do hope that this situation improves so that you have the medical information you need to keep your community safe. You are all in our prayers.

  3. Daniel Argent

    Thank you and best of health at this time to you and all at Sera.

  4. Ani B

    Dear Geshe la
    Thanks so much for spending time in your busy life to record this wonderful teaching for us
    Please keep safe and well

  5. Judy Klinpikuln

    Perhaps the effects of this pandemic will eventually filter through to a better global understanding of the interdependence of things & result in a more skilful use of body, speech & mind in future. Certainly, lessons of the impermanence & vulnerability of human existence are becoming evident in these times. Thank you Geshe-la for these invaluable podcasts & also for the Covid-19 updates. All good wishes to you & the monks of Sera Mey Monastery.

  6. Jane Sill

    Dear Geshe la

    Many thanks again for kindly sharing your thoughts and practical advice at a time when you have so much to do. The situation in India and other such countries certainly puts ours in perspective even though our health care systems are struggling to cope. Sending warmest good wishes and hoping very much that by isolating, the monastery stays safe. Some of the old fashioned remedies such as turmeric, neem and fresh ginger may help. Thinking of you all.
    Warmest good wishes and to all
    PS Isolde, good to see your post. Hope you are keeping well.

  7. Gerry Cummins

    Much appreciated My Dear Friend,
    Be safe

  8. Rosalyn Williams

    Yes I agree with Sue.the concept is important and also massive
    Put simply How the wealth of one country
    Necessitates the poverty of others.
    I will make dedications that each and every living being comes through this endemic and that those who have died have a perfect human rebirth and in particular all my close friends Geshela, teachers. HHDL people without medical support , those in a poor environment without facilities , the kindness of all mother sentient beings meant or not mean without whom I wouldn’t be alive.
    And will do my best as I see others doing their best in whatever small way we can be of help.

  9. Sue Godden

    Thank you so much Geshe-La, for taking the time to talk to us about this very important topic. My best wishes to you and all in the monastery. I hope we all continue to enjoy good health, and come out of this pandemic stronger and more compassionate towards all.

  10. Andrew

    Thank you for your teaching on this subject, I will offer my prayers to all affected by this, as Geshe said we in the west are fortunate. Blessings of Tara be bestowed upon us all.
    Thank you ?

  11. Isolde

    Thanks a lot Geshe-la,
    all the best for You and the monastery ?

    Regards from Vienna

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