Practising Vajrasattva: Purification & the Four Powers Class 1

Practising Vajrasattva: Purification & the Four Powers Class 1

In this series Khen Rinpoche Geshe Tashi Tsering, abbot of Sera Mey monastery guides us through the Vajrasattva practice text, including the Vajrasattva visualisation and One Hundred Syllable Mantra. 

As usual, Geshe la gives an in depth commentary based on a variety of sources, all in his trademark down to earth style.

In this class, Geshe la gives an overall introduction to purification practices, noting how they are common to all the main religious traditions.  With particular reference to Vajrasattva, he tells us how this is in fact a tantric practice, albeit a very approachable one. 

Geshe la gives an introductory overview to the Four Powers and emphasises how he will be going into depth on each of these Powers, in themselves a powerful psychological approach central to any purification practice.  To succeed with the Power of Antidote, he says, we need so much more than a mere repetition of the mantra.  In fact, to deal with our attachments to samsara, we need to bring the entire teachings to bear.  Yes, if we were to apply the mantra properly, we’d find all the Lam Rim teachings there, but short of that we need to find antidotes that really work for us in our day to day lives.

It is clear this series will once again be very much about the nitty gritty of practice and personal transformation, a must for old and new practitioners alike.


This is sure to be another wonderful series.


We look forward to seeing you over the next seven Sundays in January, February and March.


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You can find details of upcoming classes as well as the text available for download here.

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