Geshe Tashi visit

Geshe Tashi has told us he “will be coming home” for a short visit in November. As you will no doubt have heard, Geshe la was awarded the British Empire Medal for services to Buddhism in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. He had been advised to take a trip out of the country for visa purposes anyway, and so is taking this opportunity come back for a short while and attend the awards ceremony at the Tower of London on the 15th November.

This is only a preliminary announcement, but he plans to visit his sister Drolma la in Leeds from the 4th November, and then spend some time in London around the time of the ceremony. He says that at this stage he has no plans to teach. He did add, however, that the will be returning next year for a longer trip.

When we have more news you will all of course be the first to know.

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