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The Wisdom Podcast with Geshe Tashi is now live

We’re delighted to announce that Geshe Tashi is being featured in ‘The Wisdom Podcast’, a monthly podcast by Wisdom Publications with leading thinkers from the Buddhist world.

Daniel Aitken, the podcast host, has been a great fan of Geshe-la and his Foundation of Buddhist Thought books for many years now.  We think this is reflected in the great rapport between them in this interview, which takes place in Geshe-la’s London flat, a few weeks before his move to Sera Mey Monastery.

You can find the Wisdom podcast here.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Official photos from Geshe-la’s Enthronement

Geshe-la has recently returned from Dharamsala where he had an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  The journey there and back was “a real killer”, he said.  He has had one full day after another at the monastery since, and tomorrow he is leaving for a conference with His Holiness in Delhi.  Despite his busy schedule, Geshe-la has taken the time to send us a selection of photos of his Enthronement day by Sera Mey’s official photographer.

Geshe-la’s Enthronement

Geshe-la has let us know that his Enthronement Ceremony went well.  He has sent us some photos, taken by his brother, to share with you all.  He says that he should be able to send us some more photos and videos taken by people with good cameras later.

Isn’t it wonderful to see him in his new role!

Geshe-la has been in Dharamsala since the 23rd, and will be returning to the monastery on the 28th.  He wanted to let you all know that he will be writing about his journey, his first few weeks and his Enthronement Ceremony after he gets back.